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Dear candidate,

1. Please read the Terms of Expression College carefully and fill out this form carefully and in clear writing.

2. The payment of tuition is in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 7 of the Regulations - "Registration and Payment of Tuition Procedures".
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herapeutic training course using the Nowitzki method

I, the HM, want to be accepted to study at the college, I hereby declare that I have filled in all the required details in this form, full details that are accurate and correct.

I declare and confirm that I have read the regulations, it is clear and understandable to me and I agree / what is stated in it and I voluntarily undertake to abide by its provisions and / or regulations, including those to be determined from time to time throughout my time as a student in college.

I undertake to pay the tuition, in full and on time, as will apply to me in accordance with the rules and procedures to be determined by the College from time to time.

I know that the opening of the course is conditional on a minimum number of participants.

I am aware that the college reserves the right, at any time, not to open the course due to a minority of enrollees and / or for any other reason, at its discretion.

I am aware that the College reserves the right to make changes at any time, at its sole discretion, in the program, course dates, days and hours of study.

I am aware that the registration fee is not refundable in case of cancellation of registration. I also agree with the provisions of the regulations regarding the financial arrangements in the event of cancellation and / or termination of studies at the college.

I declare that I am aware that my signature on this document constitutes my consent to what is stated in the college's regulations and the registration form as well as my obligation to fulfill all my obligations towards you, according to the above documents and / or any other obligation given or to be given by me.

I give my consent that the details I have provided will be used for the purpose of sending information and publications on behalf of the college.

For students in the art therapy program

Certificate studies of all majors do not constitute a condition or academic score for graduate studies at an external institution.

In witness whereof I have come Signed:
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