The NOVIZKI Marathon

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The NOVIZKI Marathon

Exhilarating things happen at NOVIZKI Marathons….
The marathon is an opportunity to profoundly experience the NOVIZKI Method in a short number of meetings.
Throughout each one of the marathon days, participants will acquire new tools that kindle self-understanding and provide an eye-opening insight into one’s own life.
The NOVIZKI marathon calls upon a combination of first-hand art-making, and introspection, taking participants through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. These guide participants towards the unearthing of new and powerful inner resources that can then be implemented in daily life. We teach NOVIZKI techniques that can change behavior patterns, assisting people to reach new heights in life.
Through the lens of the unique NOVIZKI method, participants can see things from a new perspective after a just few meetings. The tools taught at the NOVIZKI marathon are intuitive, simple, and easily accessible to all participants. We believe they have simply been forgotten about, or hidden underneath the many layers of modern life’s constraints. Through these tools we reconnect our practitioners with their strengths and values, helping them overcome those negative thoughts that hold us back in life.
Previously, such curriculum could only be accessed through art-based psychotherapy training at a year-long NOVIZKI Art Coaching Program, or as a patient to a NOVIZKI therapist. The marathon provides us with an intimate group setting, ideal for delving into this enthralling school of thought, and promoting self-discovery and empowerment.
The ‘marathon’ format provides participants with an opportunity to experience the NOVIZKI method in first person, in a short but in-depth personal journey. Participants are encouraged to devote themselves to the change they aspire to make in their lives.
Over the years, we’ve learnt that NOVIZKI group meetings change the way people relate to the world. Participants undergo transformations that improve their well-being and build better relationships with their partners, parents, friends, family, and even in their careers and communities.
Cognition and emotion are interdependent to one another, crossing paths at our creativity. Throughout the marathon, we will feel the different art materials, create with them, and observe ourselves through our own creations.
The NOVIZKI method doesn’t require drawing ability or any other artistic skill. This is because creativity is a human quality that exists in all of us. Our work throughout the marathon will be observing artwork from a new vantage point, discovering new things about ourselves.
During the marathon, we learn how to actively listen to ourselves and others, demystifying many parts of daily life that previously went unnoticed. Similar to the way soundwaves are invisible, yet we know they exist – The marathon teaches us to connect with the less-conscious parts of minds, so that we can overcome the obstacles that stand in between us and our dreams.
Once practiced, this skill inevitably leads NOVIZKI practitioners to discovering new meaning in life, and becoming sources of inspiration to themselves and their surroundings.
Powered by art and creativity, the NOVIZKI method opens new doors in life, encouraging participants to step into new realms they never knew existed.
The NOVIZKI method identifies our uniqueness, our creativity and our inner power and resources. Once this solidifies, all human beings can achieve anything they wish for in life.
From this position wea can firstly recognize our hopes and aspirations, then cultivate the change required to achieve anything we set our mind to.
During the NOVIZKI marathon, we create a new world we’d like to exist in, using visual art materials and our pure imagination. Participants are able to reach new understandings about themselves and generate lasting change that leads to an amazing life.
The NOVIZKI marathon is YOUR marathon. By reading these words, you acknowledge your own desire to work towards positive change in your life. See this as a contract with yourself, to rediscover your uniqueness, creativity and resources.
The process is a challenging one, and occasionally cynicism and doubt surface. We work towards overcoming these creativity-killers, inspiring participants to fully believe in their idea – and invite change into their life.
Firstly, we will learn how to look at ourselves from a new perspective. This surfaces new understandings about our lives that were previously concealed. Once we better understand the essence of our inner selves and the different aspects of our lives, we utilize these understandings throughout the Marathon.
Secondly, we identify the obstacles that are holding us back from achieving our dreams, and we learn how to utilize our inner resources from an empathetic standpoint. We can then embrace positive memories and rely on our imagination to empower us to work towards our aspired future selves.
During the third step, we venture out into the world observing the change we’ve made in ourselves. This deepens our internal locus of control – reassuring the power we possess over our own lives, encouraging us to generate meaning in our own life and our environment.
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You can choose courses of online studies with a teacher or courses of face-to-face studies.
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Questions and answers - Nowitzki marathon

The NOVIZKI method utilizes first-hand art making and introspection, taking participants through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Creation and artwork are the main tools we use in the NOVIZKI method. We will spontaneously draw, doodle, take photographs with our phones, and even cutout bits and pieces from newspapers and magazines.

Artistic creation is metaphoric to our existence:
Our lives are white pages that we can create upon

We use a wide range of artistic materials: oil painting, plasticine, collages, clay, gouache, and many more.

No previous experience is required!

After the creative process, we learn the NOVIZKI tools used for observing and analyzing our creations. We can then use these tools to make meaningful discoveries about ourselves.

The NOVIZKI method captures the meaning beyond the words.

For instance, in one of our marathons Michal was asked to create something that represents herself. Her work was very colorful and full of paper cutouts. However, unlike her fellow contemporaries, the pieces of paper weren’t anchored to the page, and they were free to fall off. Using NOVIZKI tools, Michal was able to understand she was fearful of commitment – unwilling to glue the pieces of paper to the page. With this in mind, Michal was then able to begin a wonderful process of identifying her fear and working towards an exciting and powerful new life.

This is just one of many examples of the discoveries and transformations at NOVIZKI marathons.

If you’re curious to discover surprising new things about yourself, the NOVIZKI method is the place to start.

The NOVIZKI method is for anyone and everyone interested in self-exploration, with the desire of living a creative and meaningful life.

The marathon will guide you towards strengthening your unique strengths and resources, clarifying your purpose in life.

  • Gaining new perspectives on life

  • Strengthening relationships

  • Rediscovering yourself

  • Strengthening Intuition and

  • Enhancing self confidence

  • Adopting positive and creative thinking strategies

  • Reigniting the relationship with ourselves

  • Improving our ability to be present in the current moment

  • Reconnect to our authentic true nature

The NOVIZKI marathon is a personal and intimate journey, conducted together by numerous participants in a group format.

With the tools acquired at the marathon, participants begin a journey of self-discovery and are encouraged to share their experience with other members, at their own discretion and will.

Attendees can’t try out just one day of the marathon as it falls short of telling the whole story.

Prospective participants are welcomed to talk with NOVIZKI staff members so that they can make a decision that best suits their needs.

Many recommendations can be found on the NOVIZKI website.

The NOVIZKI marathon provides an opportunity to profoundly experience the NOVIZKI Method in a short number of meetings, unlike the longer and more extensive training.

Alternatives do exist:

-NOVIZKI’s therapist coaching training is a 24-meeting-long process.
6 academic hours for each meeting, and 9 supervised therapy meetings.

-The 3-Year art-based psychotherapy NOVIZKI program qualifies professional psychotherapists.

The NOVIZKI marathon is a completely online course, guided by leading professionals in the field of art-based psychotherapy.

Our experience confirms that participants finish each session with a desire and a hunger for more.

The marathon has a balanced structure, ideal for creation and self-development. This creates a strong sense of commitment and belongingness amongst participants.


* there may be changes in the curriculum.​

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