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Reaching deep for real life results

At the NOVIZKI Coaching and Therapy Center we treat a wide variety of people, and life problems. Whether it be feeling stuck in life, dealing with addictions or anxiety, struggling with OCD, mood disorders, seeking a career change, relationship problems, failure or crisis in life, finding a partner, family relations, ADHD, and many more.

Our team of unique team of therapists and coachers us the NOVIZKI methods to help clients reach their goals in the most efficient manner.

NOVIZKI patients often experience a transformative impact, as making changes in one aspect of life can often have a ripple effect on other areas as well. For example, somebody undergoing a career change can also notice improvement in their relationship.

Like throwing a stone into a lake, the stone is gone in an instance, but the ripples keep on going.

When we clean up the reeds, our garden can grow.

The NOVIZKI coaching and therapy center is ideal for those interested in a therapeutic journey that isn’t limited to verbal communication.

Ideal for people who want to: Work towards new goals, feel fulfilled, overcome mental boundaries, fulfill individual potential, improve relationships, advance their career, overcome crisis, and live a happy and successful life.

We also offer specialized coaching services for artists, helping them to identify and embrace their unique artistic authenticity, which can enhance their careers and highlight their professional strengths.

Child Sign language
Before children learn how to use words, they are already communicating with their parents using non-verbal languages such as crying and hand gestures. These signs cannot be explained with verbal communication because they represent emotions and feelings, rather than verbal statements.

When we create artwork, we conduct an internal dialogue with ourselves. When children draw, they are showing us their internal dialogue on a piece of paper and giving us an insight into what’s going on inside. This is the dialogue we want to reintegrate into both our personal lives, and the lives of our clients. We aspire to overcome the defenses and layers we’ve built up in adulthood, and reconnect with our authentic selves and our creativity.

Our creative human Imagination is a pathway to the hidden, unconscious mind. Taking this hidden route, we can enhance our self-knowledge and tune into the true qualities that should be leading us in life.

Usually, these things are inaccessible to us in the midst of our modern lives. By utilising creative arts, the NOVIZKI method teaches us to reconnect with our inner self and leads us to these untouched places, illuminating new and exciting parts of ourselves.

As adults, the cognitive and rational parts of our brain are very judgmental and aware of our verbal communication. Through creative arts, the NOVIZKI method creates a safe environment that bypasses this criticism, and helps the individual rediscover their hidden inner strengths and powers.

In the NOVIZKI method
when words fall short
we turn to art for answers
This is where we discover that life can be an inspiring experience

Novizki’s holistic approach acknowledges that logic can help us understand our emotions, whilst our emotions give our life flavor and spark creativity. Therefore, we combine logic, emotion, practicality, critical thinking, creativity, and goal-oriented development in life.

By embracing the differences between logic and emotion, the NOVIZKI method aims to balance the two: Understanding that emotions and logic can keep each other in touch through a practical and industrious approach to working towards a fulfilled life.

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